Don’t mess with our Kids, Texas.

Protecting Trans Kids and Trans Families

Watch the video recording of this sermon, “Don’t mess with our kids, Texas” on 3/5/22

When we create communities that we joyfully affirm instead of tacitly accepting; when we create communities that stand up to fight for our rights, and against transphobia, racism, anti-semitism, sexism, and other forms of oppression; when we create communities where we pray and sing together and care for one another as equals, when we create communities where everyone is asked to contribute “n’div lev” — from the generosity of their hearts and from the fullness of who they are, we allow the Divine clouds to surround us. We provide comfort and protection, love and healing to all who are inside.

That’s the work.



Rabbi | Day job: SAJ —Judaism that Stands for All

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