From Ayeka to Hineni: Showing Up & Taking Responsibility in a Broken World

  • Every day, multiple times a day, people line up — sometimes for blocks and blocks — to wait for food. According to the New York Times, right now, one in FOUR New Yorkers go hungry. All while the wealthiest Americans added to their wealth. In one day in July, Jeff Bezos added $13 billion to his wealth, in the midst of an economic recession. Ayeka?
  • Most essential workers who we saw and appreciated in new ways during this Pandemic and who risked their lives to keep us safe can barely scrape by, and many of them are excluded from benefits because of their immigration status. Ayeka?
  • Poor communities were ravaged by COVID-19 while wealthier ones much more protected against it, due to access to health care and other long term disparities. Ayeka?
  • Those who lived in the shadows are now on our streets and those who were outside of our view live in hotels in our neighborhood and across the city. Ayeka?
  • With more anticipated job losses, stimulus checks ending, and a potential end to the moratorium on evictions: this economic inequality in all its manifestations will grow in the months to come. Ayeka?




Rabbi | Day job: SAJ —Judaism that Stands for All

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Lauren Grabelle Herrmann

Lauren Grabelle Herrmann

Rabbi | Day job: SAJ —Judaism that Stands for All

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