Sounding the Shofar in a Post-Roe World, 2022/5783

Lauren Grabelle Herrmann
1 min readOct 26, 2022

By Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann, SAJ-Judaism that Stands for All


One blast.

Pay attention. This is not a test.


Three sounds, the sound of weeping.

The weeping of a pregnant child forced to carry a baby to term.

The weeping of a person for whom it was not the right time.

The weeping of a mother of four who has nothing left to give.

The weeping of young girls and women unable to move out of poverty.

The weeping of family members whose loved one died having an illegal abortion.

The weeping of doctors forced to make medical choices that go against their oath to do no harm.

The weeping of a generation that fought for rights only to see them lost in their lifetime.

The weeping of a generation of women whose autonomy is denied.

A weeping for all who will be put in harm’s way.


Nine staccato sounds. The fierce urgency of now.

Let the shofar wake us up, so that we speak out, vote, stand up and volunteer.

Let us shake off complacency!

Let us fight for dignity, freedom and justice.